Adding a Logo Image Only - Not images related to data

I am using AppSheet as integration from Smartsheet. I do not have images in my data sheet, I simply want to add a logo image to the app and I can’t figure it out and the videos I have watched aren’t helping.

I get this error
Sorry, you cannot pick image files from Smartsheet. Please add a data source that allows you to store image files from your Account page

Thank you for any help.

in some of my apps, I upload a link from pcloud drive like below:

You should be able to use any public link and paste it there.


I don’t have a pcloud account. Can it be done from Google Drive?

Yes, you can.

But I recommend you read here in the community about the use of SVG to avoid having stretched images, previously I used a png or jpg image stored in Google Drive.
But looking for and with the help of the community it has a better presentation to use an svg.
I also use smartsheet and google sheets, with pleasure I can give you some tips of what I have learned


Short version:

  1. Upload the image to your Googl Drive
  2. Right click> share> get link.
  3. In Appsheet editor> Ux> Brand> Launch Image
  4. Place the url that Google Drive threw you and make this small change



Thank you so much! Changing the image URL as you suggested worked!


Hi Cesar - Do you have a similar trick to get images to show in card view? I have tried adding the image to my Smartsheet, I have also tried adding the Google drive URL as you showed me.

Hello @RuthS
For those cases I have used 2 options

Option 1: Allocate a real smartsheet column to save the image there, specify the column type as IMAGE, and add it from an Appsheet form view

Option 2: Use a virtual column and insert the url of the image, or the SVG code of the image.

If you could show some captures I could help you better

I have added my image to my Smartsheet in a text column

In AppSheet I then changed the column to an image column

This is my result:

In short I recommend this:

  1. Go to the Home View and configure that clicking directly will allow you to edit
  2. It will show you the fields of that row
  3. Locate the Image field and click Clean
  4. Upload the image to that field again from the file browser.
  5. Save and it should show now

something like that



Step 2: