Adding a new row to a table through a Dashboard view created from a slice

I am working to make my app more efficient utilizing more references and combining my data into larger tables with slices as described here:

App Design: Multiple tables vs. Single table + multiple slices - Tips & Tricks :bulb: - AppSheet Creator Community

I have a single ‘Catalog’ table which contains 4 different types of products (rather than 4 different tables for each product type). This catalog table does not allow additions, deletes or edits. The data is displayed via a Dashboard with a view made from a slice created from each of the 4 products. From this slice view you can add the product to the ‘Inventory’ table.

The ‘Inventory’ table allows additions, deletions and edits. There is column reference to the Catalog table. The ‘Inventory’ table needs to be populated either from the products in the catalog table (using the action I created) or the user can add an item outside of the catalog table. I use a dashboard view created from slices of the products in inventory table to display the data. Unfortunately, the floating “Add” action is not showing up in the slice view of the dashboard. Therefore I can’t add an item outside of the those in the catalog table. Any suggestions of where I am making an error?

You may need to include the action in the slice definition- please check.

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I believe the ‘Add Action’ is added to the slice definition. This is a screen shot of the slice:

After hitting my head against the wall for another day I found the solution to my problem. To get the ‘Add Overlay Action’ to show in dashboard views you must goto:
UX–>Options–>Dashboard section–>Turn on “Show overlay Actions in Dashboard”

See community post: