Adding a new way to perform App Transfer Requests

We are beginning today to release a feature to help our app creators transfer their applications more easily.

Now instead of requiring the user’s email and account id before transferring, we are providing a button for co-authors to request the transfer of the app (under Manage → Authors).

after which the app owner can decide whether to approve the transfer (or not), and can pick between multiple requests if there are multiple requests.

We hope that this will help make this process easier, both for app creators and their co-authors.


This means the actual way is going to be deleted? From your screenshoot seems like both options will be available.

I prefer the old one.
If you replace the old one with this I would need to add the user → mark it as co-author → request transfer from account 2 → accept from account 1

If I understand correctly, the co-author have a right to submit a request to the pure app owner to transfer the app from owner.
However, I reckon the transfer transaction is going to fail if the co-author does not have access to the data sources.
Usually the app is sitting on the spreadsheet (most of the cases) which is saved under the owners private drive. Then transfer fail.
Better to have validation check when the co-author request the transfer, i.e. the request could be only sent and validated ,in case the co-author have access to the data source. Yes, sounds bit tricky though.



Hello Koichi! That’s a great suggestion; it would make sense to validate data source access during the transfer process and at least provide some warnings if a data source would be inaccessible to the new owner. That isn’t in either the ‘old’ or ‘new’ transfer process currently, but we’ll add it to the list of potential improvements.



We tested transfer process with sample app.

We pass the app from A to B user, who does not have access to data source, the transfer operation itself will go without throwing error. But when B user open the app with editor, naturally error comes up as he does not have access to the data source.
This seems to be also weird to me. It is a bit dodgy as well.

To make the process to lead to success from the beginning, when the users request the transfer, then the validation process to be kicked in if he / she is ready to receive the new app from current owner, otherwise the request would fail and throw the error. (Hey , you dont have access to the data source for the requesting app, ask owner first to share the source… something like that)

That should be neat process, I would call.

Thank you.