Adding a task to a process

When adding a task to a process the task only shows up for selection if it is the same table.
When the task uses a slice from the same table it doesn’t show up to be selected.

So I had to change the task to the table, then change it to the slice after selecting it.
this confused me for a while.
It should show all tasks that use slices from the tables to be selected

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Why would you ever need to assign a Task to a Slice instead of just the base Table? I’m not sure why that is even an option.

I consider Tasks to be similar to Actions. Actions can only be set to a base Table, and then are also available to all Slices on that Table.


In my case the task is an email for orders on hold.
So I selected the slice I use in the view in the app.
That way I don’t need to do any expressions to filter the rows

@jared please take a look, thanks.

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