Adding a "Tile" at the top of the Community to get to ""


I think it might really help a lot of users if one of the “Tiles” at the top of the community linked to (or as a minimum in the top menu bar like you do on the site).

This is a very valuable resource both for users, as well as for people trying to provide answers in this community. If it was easier to pop over to the support info, more users might read it, and more responders might paste links to it’s content. What do you guys think?

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(Peter Dykstra (AppSheet)) #2

Good call @Mike, thanks! Just updated the header bar, and will keep an eye on how much usage the tiles are getting - may add it there too.

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Hi @Peter Would it be possible for the top links “Support” etc to open in a new Tab instead of replacing the forum tab?

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