Adding actions to a menu in detail view

So when you go into a detail view, theres 3dots on the top right corner that gives you a small menu. Is there a way to add Actions to this particular menu?
I dont want them prominence or display on top or to display in line, I just want them to be available through that menu only.

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I began to respond to this inquiry about a half hour ago but now I see that I had misunderstood the question.

Actually, I have raised a related question in the past:

I got a partial answer but I still don’t understand what determines which actions will appear in this menu. And, I don’t think this has been explained properly in the documentation, has it?

Looking forward to some illuminating discussion. :slight_smile:

This is already a feature request. You can vote for it here:

Currently there is no way for the developer to control which actions get grouped into that top-right corner menu.


Thanks @GreenFlux! Voted!

@Tom_Cat, please vote for this too. :slight_smile:

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