Adding all markers in single view

I have six different map view corresponding to six different category. each category has its own spreadsheet linked to it. What I want to do is that I want to show them in a single view on map with all markers in each view. How can I do it?
Thanks in Advance!!.

I suggest that you consider to union all the different caregory table into one table and generate the map view out of it. Then you can apply the different format rule to throw the different coler per caregory for the map pins.


can you please direct me how to create a union out of all categories.

I suppose you have same fileds names across the 6 tables. Then combine those 6 table into single table. then to define which caregory each row belongs to, then you create additional filed to the table, simply [Category] or something fit to you.

If you want to get the table jsut only for the data (row) belong to Category A, for intance, then you use SLICE with expression [Caregory]=“Category A”
DO the same for the reminders of the category.

Then original data table is just single.

However, you can virtually split into 6 table.

Low maintenance, and make your works as app creator far more easier.


Is it necessary that all column names should match each other or one or two similar column will make it work?

User ShowIF constrain.
If you dont want to show and display a certain field when the caregory is A, then you set the constrain in that way.

But still you need to make sure not to split the tables into multiple.