Adding Buttons to Form View

Hello AppSheet,

Is there a way to add buttons to form views?

Thank you.

Nope. :frowning:

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The only workaround I can think of is to have instead of a form, have it go to a detail view with quick edit, and you can add in buttons.


But, bear in mind, if you go that route, EACH quick edit field queues an update to that row. So if you have 5 quick edit fields that get used, that is 5 separate updates to sync.

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Yeah, this would only really work if your app uses delayed sync

Still five updates to sync.


Yep. In my app that I’m developing as a digital menu, I’m using two quick edit edits as buttons on a detail view to show what kind of options are available for that item. It doubles as being pre-selected if you choose to order that item. Those options are prefilled on the Form, but still changable. The only downside is, regardless of how I choose to do the sync, if a customer taps those two buttons several different times in a short period, the force sync I have after they add something to their cart has to wait for all those individual updates.

I could choose try and display these two fields as non-quick edits, but my problem with that is I can’t find a way to display it in a style that I find as attractive as the buttons.

Basically, quick edit fields are a double-edged sword.


There is a workaround to use “Buttons” in Forms.
In this App, I hide the “Cancel” and “Save” button via Localize.
Instead of them I use ENUM Buttons to:
Save the Form and close it OR: Save the Form and open a new form.
In the Form I enabled the Auto save.

The Form has a Form Saved Event:

It’s a grouped action:

When you choose the Enum Button with the :floppy_disk:, it saves the form and goes to the Parent’s Detail View.
The condition of this Action is: CONTAINS([Enum],"💾")

When you choose the Enum Button with the :camera:, it saves the form and opens the same form again.
There is no condition in the Action, because the first Action will be skipped.

For the Enum column you can also use Images as values.
This could be something like this:


Here is another usecase:

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Thanks a lot @Fabian!

I’m trying to replicate what you did. How did you configure the actions? I’m confused as to what to do when I go to Behavior > Actions > Grouped: Execute a sequence of actions

In particular, I cannot “Go To Page_Detail View” or anything comparable.

I looked at your other use case. Something that complicates my form a little bit is that I replicated @GreenFlux’s sample app that turns an EnumList into individual line items, so I have this action under Form Saved:

(Thanks @GreenFlux)

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You could try replacing the Form Saved action with a new, Grouped action to do both.

You would have to create your own actions for that. Then it will show up in the list.