Adding Column (AirTable Source)

I’m building an app in an effort to learn how best to use AppSheet. I’ve got two tables, both drawing data from AirTable.

Trying to figure out how to add a column to either table. Don’t see a way to do it in AppSheet, and when adding a column in Airtable - that column doesn’t show up in AppSheet (even after regenerating the data).

Am I missing an obvious way to add a column?



You should be able to 1) add the column in airtable, and then 2) “regenerate data structure” for that same table inside of appsheet:

Hope this helps!

@TyAlevizos - appreciate the help. The steps you list are exactly what I’ve done a couple of times, but it is still not picking up the new column in AirTable.

Any other ideas what I could be doing wrong?

Interesting. I just noticed this from our built-in help article:
“If the table isn’t empty but contains blank columns, all blank columns will be skipped by AppSheet.”

And in fact, I observed this behavior directly. I added two columns “TEST2” and “TESTFIELD” (see pic below) and left them blank at first. AppSheet ignores them. But if I put values into at least two rows/cells of data, AppSheet “regenerate data structure” picks them up. Give this a try!

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