Adding comments to Primary View Menu


How do I add a comment box inside my Primary View? Is this possible or I have to create a brand new menu just for the comment? I’d like to place this comment in the gray are of the screenshot below:

Is there a way to link Google Forms inside AppSheet? See screenshot below:

Add an additional table as a related chihld table. Then you can add as many comments as needed and they will be shown with the inline table view for example…


Hi Aleksi, from where can I create a “related child table”?
What’s an “inline table view”?
Please give me a screenshot, if possible.
I’m very new to Appsheet but really love it.

I couldn’t find any menu for “related child table” or “inline table view”.

Hi @diveman
Check under system views


Whoa! Thanks.


I still cannot find a menu to relate the Parent and the Child table.
What I found:

  1. UX->Options->Inline row limit
  2. UX->Views->show system views->Max. nested rows
    The maximum number of rows to show for related references lists.

But they don’t relate or connect a primary view and a inline view; or a table and a child table.

Where can I relate a table to a child table?

I want to add user comments on a restaurant post on the map like the Tripadviser.
Hence, multiple comments have to be tied up with a single rowed post.

Oh…I’ve found the “inline rows” and “one to many concatenation” here in the “applicants” view.

Almost there.
Hmm, how should I write behaviors for that…I’m on it…

Data->Columns->virtual column->Type MultiColumnKey and CONCATENATE([ One ],": ",[ to many ]).

And I couldn’t find the MultiColumnKey option on my project…

Still I’m looking for the way how to do this “one to many” structure.

Please check this article how you can create that functionality…


I got this.
I had to put same name for columns in different sheets before I imported spreadsheets.
It’s automatic, “column name”-based and concatenated automatically.
So smart.
Love it. Thanks.

You’re welcome