Adding Context Sensitive Help


Hi. I have an established app which users don’t have a problem with using so overall the interface and my use of ShowIf to hid certain fields based on other field values works well.

However, our operation does have some complex processes which are not so easy for new volunteers to grasp. So I’d like to be able to create some short help files where I can keep some help text that would only appear if a certain set of values appear in other fields.

So, for example, one of our coordinators selects a particular job type. I’d then like to show a link to the help text that they can click on and that would pop open a box over the top with the help information in it. I know that you can link out to PDFs but that’s not always convenient if the user is on a small phone screen. So some simple bullet points in a pop-up that can be accessed if needed would be a better option.

Is this possible? Anyone done anything similar? I’m OK with developing the expressions that would decide if help was available and how to manage the help information within data. It’s the UX side of things that I’m seeking help with.

Many thanks

Put the help content in a column of type Show and hide the column using Show? (Show_If) until needed.

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Thanks for the response Steve. Yes, that’s an option but I should have said in my original post that I don’t want the information to show unless the user requests it. We have many coordinators who are very experienced and wouldn’t need to be seeing the help information every time they create a job. And out on the road the app is being used by our motorcycle riders where the forms they use to record collections and deliveries have to be as quick and simple to use as possible with as little scrolling up and down as possible.

It’s really to make sure that when an inexperienced coordinator answers the phone and gets asked to arrange a particular kind of job, they can quickly access a step by step guide of what they need to do.

I guess I could have another field that’s maybe a tick box or similar, then show that if help is available and then if that gets ticked the Show column could be revealed. Feels a but messy though with multiple logic tests on multiple fields.