Adding data to other table

Hi I am trying to create an app for projects ideation, so have one question can the data added to idea submission table to automatically added to pending manager table. All columns are same in both the table. Only 1 additional column in pending manager approval table. Can this be done using ref function?

If you want to keep both tables, the best way is making a bot that fills the second table after making a new record in the first table.
If keeping both tables isn’t a must, maybe consider using just one table and make one form without that particular column for the “first” entry and another form to fill and update that particular data.

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Thank you for the I was able to do it the way you have mentioned, it works fine in mobile view and tab view. However in desktop view I am able to all columns which are not selected in the Slices view. Can you help me

Off course,

but can you explain a little more your problem in the desktop view?
I don´t quite understand your problem :sweat_smile: