Adding data to selected items on a Ref dropdown list

I am trying to create an invoice worksheet app of sorts.
Within this I am trying to create a drop-down list of employees (which references a sheet) where I can select multiple employees who are working on the job for that day. From that list that I create I would like to be able to input values (rates) to each employee based upon the job they did for that day Then input the hours they worked.

Any help on where I should start looking would be appreciated

Hi and Welcome to the community!

In short, what you will want to do is create a separate table that provides the list of work done on a job…maybe named “Work List”. This table becomes a “child” table of the Jobs table - meaning that there is a strong parent/child relationship between the two. This “Work List” table would have, at a minimum, the columns:

  • Work ID - unique identifier for the work list row.
  • Job - A reference to the parent job row
  • Employee - A reference to the Employees table to select the employee who performed the work
  • Rate - a number capturing the amount of work done.

AppSheet performs a lot of “connection magic” to set this all up within the views for you.

AppSheet’s design for a parent/child table setup in this manner, would be to add each of the Work List rows one-by-one. So when you add or edit a Job row, you will have the child “Work List” table visible by default with an Add button to add a new “Work List” item.

There are some work around ways that allow you to add multiple child rows at once and then edit them together in an editable table. I would recommend getting the parent/child tables established and setup first. Then come back to the community for additional help if you wish to enhance the user input experience.

Here is an article that may help with parent/child relationship - Scroll down to the section named "Expressing Ownership Between Tables"

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