Adding image into form using URL

Hello All,

I have a column named “Image” and it has hosted images from another website via URL and they display perfect in the app.

The trouble is when I create a new entry via the app it only shows an “upload” option, thus every time I make a new entry I have to add it manually via google sheets document.

Is there a better way to do this? Basically when in a form view I want the “Image” column to have a URL field - is that possible? Am I missing something simple?

If your image in your form is static, why don’t use a SHOW type column with IMAGE attribute?


Hmm, not sure I understand what you mean.

This is how the app looks when I add a new entry. Where the generic image column is I want a option to be able to put a URL to the picture since the picture is hosted somewhere else and not on my device.

EDIT: It will be a different image each new entry.

Anyone have an idea or is this something just not possible right now?

Have you tried:

  1. Make that [Generic Image] as url type column
  2. Create a new virtual column with app formula CONCATENATE([Generic Image])

You are awesome! You made my life so much easier! Thank you!!!


You don’t need a Virtual column for this. It will slow down your overall sync performance.
From your table’s column schema, locate the [Generic Image] column, and change the column type to Show.