Adding introduction pages for Forms

Hi everyone, at the moment I use a long format ‘description’ in an empty column at the start of each form, in order to help the user understand what the form is for / how the procedure works. It looks like so…

{This Form is for 'x' to:

A. See and authorize documents.

B. Upload new document templates.

C. Request Amendments to existing documents.


Is this the best way to do a form introduction, or is there something simpler I can do? I’m asking because this method is a bit buggy, so when you regenerate your structure it can result in your description column getting erased.

Thanks for any feedback, its much appreciated.

Hi, have you tried to use Show/Text column type for this purpose?

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No I havent Aleksi, but wouldn’t the text column type just clutter my spreadsheet needlessly? Since all the text is being stored there when the form is saved.

When you use Show column, it doesn’t save anything to your spreasheet. It’s an empty column.

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Great. Thank you, I’m just used to using the ‘Show’ type for separating pages, I will try it out.

You’re welcome

Show columns can be virtual columns, then they don’t need to occur in your spreadsheet at all. However, you’d then need to use slices to order the columns in a form as you want them.

Thanks Steve. Yeah thats the only thing I don’t like about Virtual Columns, how you can’t easily customize them to go before / after different columns in your spreadsheet.

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