Adding Multi Images

Does this system allow multi able images (unlimited)
When the user add an image it gives them an option to add another.

I believe so, if the column is of type EnumList with a base type of Image.

I just tried that and this is the window I get when you select the plus sign under the questions asking for images.
I set the type to EnumList and base type to Image.


should I contact help-desk on this topic ?

No, Make a Seperate Table Called Images and Ref your Table you want the images in. Make the Ref Column in the Table the images are in Part Of the father table.


I just added a table called images and add a column named 1. Vehicle Scanning Equipment Images
On the image table on the fer this row back to the main table.
The main table created a virtual column named Related Images

on the question which need one or more images taken what should that ref or just stay as images?
I did ref it back to the image table but error out.

The audit has lots of questions which the user would need to add multi-able images on.
Would I need to do for each questions?

I getting a bit lost.
Please help


I have got it showing on the view and able to add multiple images, but due to the virtual column is look at the image table data it, it doesn’t attach to the report but to the location.
I need the images to stay with the review.
The review has about 20 question to answers with everyone with possible images added. Those possible images could be 1 or multiple.
Please help, as I want to add more apps but need to get this sorted before move the all the users to this platform.
Thanks for the support and the help.