Adding Multiple images

I have main table “Machine” and a child table Called “Photos”.
for each row of machine details, we have many photos needs to attach to it , thats why a child tbale name “photos” is made for to add each photo in each row.
But adding mulitlple photos like 20~30 photos for only one machine record is quite cumbersome, What i want is to add an action button or solution that when adding photo , it gives option to select multiple photos at one time.
and add these multiple photos in each row separately.

Or We can give a path of the directly where photos are saved. and when a user clicked on the record, it should give slideshow of all the photos/images present in that folder.
The folder is residing on google drive.

How can we use REST API to add multiple images at one time…?

You can’t, it’s a feature request.

Hello Marc,

I do have many photos of each machine in different folders on Google Drive, each folder named in a codenumber of the machine.

My question is that, Is there any possibility to showcase or Showview or Slideshow possible, IF we just save the Path of the folder
and that folder having any number of images , will display during record detail view.

I must simplify it. Is it possible to show the content of any as a Slideshow( contains JPEG files ) when we tap detail view of any row.
by saving the FOLDER PATH in some column of the same row.

It is not possible.

Same trick I mentioned here Add an action that prompts an input box should help you out.

Set action to open up a detail view out of slice instead of edit view.

Set this arrangement for all the column you have on your table, if you want.

If you feel the action icon attached to all the field which appears on the detail view, then apply format rule to change the color of action icon to white or black based on your theme color, or apply transparency to zero using HEX or RGB code on the format rule color set.

We wont get the “slide” experience, but at least we will see the view with zoom/focus on the selected item.


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