Adding Multiple items at once

hello All,

i appreciate if someone can help in that.
i have two plans : Gold and Silver. every plan have some tasks referenced to it. for example Gold plan has task 1 and 2 and so on.

every user can go and choose the plan he needs. i have a table that hold all the tasks and which user should has it. what i want to do is that when the user choose the Gold plan for example all the tasks associated to this plan go to the tasks table under this specific user.
any idea

It sounds that you are looking for a slice filter for that purpose.

i am familiar with silces, but i think that can’t help. could you explain how that can help me?
what i want to do is instead of that the user add the tasks to the table one by one, he choose gold plan for example and all tasks are added to him one time

Hi @Remon_Toma,

See if this post helps. It’s a technique I developed for creating multiple child records (Tasks, in your case) based on a single column value in the parent record.

@Remon_Toma It depends what do you want to do with those tasks. If you need to add or update the task somehow, you could use child records for that purpose. Then copying tasks would not be needed.

so thanks for your reply.
seems that what i want yes, but still i am finding difficulties in testing and following how it works.

You can make a copy of my sample app or use the ‘Look under the hood’ link to view it in the editor.

This may be over-complicating it though, if you only have the two (Gold/Silver) plans and the group of Tasks is constant.

Another approach that may be easier, is to use a Grouped Action that performs several add a row to another table actions.

-Add an action to the User table, to ‘Add a new row to another table’, and fill in the values for Task1. Then copy and modify the action for Task2, Task3, etc.

-Then create a Grouped Action for Gold, and one for Silver, and just pick the group of ‘add row’ actions for the Tasks you want.

Really thanks, u are awesome
i got it and it helped me to make what i was looking for
really thanks.

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