Adding multiple rows to another table on an action

I’m creating a work order application and when a work order is added it automatically adds 4 tasks to the task table with an unique ID

OderTask Table Rows
TaskID Order Number - Task
Row 1 uniqueID() 1 A
Row 2 uniqueID() 1 B
Row 3 uniqueID() 1 C
Row 4 uniqueID() 1 D

There are bunch of the tricks to achieve your goal. but the most simplest one should be

  1. Create action to add new row using column value from this row, for each different tasks. Now you have 4 x similar action, to append new rows to order task table.
  2. Create the another action execute grouped actions, pick up 4 x action you created in no.1.
  3. Fire this No.2 action either way, upon saving the form, or by hitting action button or worflow whatever you want.
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Thanks for your reply
I understand the jist of what we are doing. I created the actions to add each tasks
This is the action with multiple actions to call

This is one of my task being corrected

The part I’m confused is how are they triggered.


The action to add multiple rows is the Create Tasks action isnt it ?

Option 1; Simply place this action either place, overlay, permanent. User explicitely hit action button to add row.

Option 2 ; Go to form view where the action is starting from. For setting of form view, place this action to fire “on save” to fire action. But problem with this set up is action will keep fired all the time when the form is updated.

Option 3 ; Fire this action through the workflow, ideally ADD ROW event to the table. Once the new row is created and saved, the workflow is fired and action will add rows to the child.


Hola podrias brindare consultoria para implementar esto en un proyecto mio?