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Hi All!

Have managed to go a month without asking any questions but now im stuck! Should be an easy one hopefully just me being an idiot!

Have added a new column to a table in my inventory management app. It is for scanning a barcode, I already have a column for this called ‘ISBN’ and this one is a replica except the name is ‘ISBN 2’. However no matter what I do I cannot get this to appear when I am editing or adding new items. Anyone got any ideas as to something I may have missed, have tried adding another column and again, if I add it in the spreadsheet it comes up under Data/Columns but not in the actual app.

Any ideas much appreciated!

Hi @Carbretta

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Try that:

Then check this is ticked below, at the line for “ISBN 2”:


Thanks for the quick reply Aurelien!

Yeah have done that (Tried again just incase) but still no luck. Have attached picture, the column that is ‘ISBN’ shows on the view screen and is editable in the form when adding new items. But ‘ISBN2’ doesn’t appear in either, even if I manually input data into the spreadsheet

So in the view options of this form, I think you restrained the columns you wish to be displayed.

If you go in the items_Form UX panel, you will probably have to check the View Options/Column order.

Can you confirm ?

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Got it!

Thank you so much for your help. As suspected me being an idiot! Under UX views I didnt realise the forms where under ‘System Views’ which is hidden by default. I wondered why I couldn’t find the form data!

Thanks Again :slight_smile:


You are welcome :slight_smile:

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