Adding or Subtracting a LIST of items from inventory table

I have lists on tables that need to be added or subtracted from inventory table.

Currently I can add parts or subtract parts using LINKTOFORM() but now I need to do this in LIST forms to speed up and automate the process.

Is there a formula that can be used to do this for a list.


Hi @RenatoE!

I’m not sure I fully understand the problem you are facing. However, I can say that it is fairly easy to subtract one list from another in an expression:

List Subtraction
LIST- returns the items in the first list after removing the items in the second list.
Customers[PhoneNumber] - {“1800-444-4444”, “1800-555-5555”}: returns a list of customer phone number with the second list of numbers excluded.

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Thanks for your response.
I will have a look a the info.

I am stuck. In Sample Apps there is an example that can be used to show the problem that I am facing.

When an order is closed the order items are not subtracted from the Total Inventory columns.
In the App example the client Bob Baker has three “Open” orders. When these orders are closed the inventory is not changed.
Each order has a list that needs to be deducted independently form the Product list inventory.

The list on the Order Details table needs to be Subtracted from the Products Table when the order is closed. This is exactly what I am having trouble with.

Thanks for looking into this issue.

Hi @RenatoE! I’m afraid I won’t have time to study the sample app today. Sorry. It sounds like you need to write something to your data after the subtraction. Or, perhaps you need a different strategy – perhaps something like writing data to certain rows that need to be “subtracted.” Sorry I can’t look into this more now. Perhaps someone else can help.