Adding pdf file to a form

I have an app for marketers which allows them to add pdf files to a new client form. There are 4 rows for files. On my Macbook and iPhone and on all users that use the desktop browser link everything works fine.
Unfortunately on marketers’ mobile devices when they tap the button to lad a file their camera opens up. They are unable to chose files on their devices.
Is this an iOS version issue or am i missing something obvious?

Just to be clear, you are saying everything works great for web and iOS, and they can upload 1-4 different files to AppSheet columns (you wrote “rows” but I think you meant columnns) of type “File”.

But for android, they get an image capture / camera UI instead?

No sorry. The marketers use iPads and they are getting the camera UI when choosing a “File”.
Thanks…did mean column. :slight_smile: