Adding records with same 3 columns

I have a application where I want to enter a Location and Date then add multiple barcode entries without having to enter the location and date again.
I want the sheet to have the location, date and a single barcode on each line. Each barcode has to have it’s own record but I need the location and date on the record as well.

Completely doable.

is there a sample app out there? this functional is what I want to do but I can’t see the data in the sheet and have not been successful doing what he is doing…

There certainly are barcode scanning sample apps out there. Whether there’s one that does what you’re trying to do, I don’t know.

Where are you entering the location and date currently?

I have a “parent form” where I enter the batch information, then I click add to add the child records but doing that the autosave/auto reopen doesn’t work so I have to save each barcode then add again.

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When you add child rows, each child row should have a Ref column that points back to the parent. You should then be able to dereference that Ref column value to access the location and date values of the parent.

See also:

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ok I have it now where I enter the header data (on a parent form) then I can click add and add the child records. When I hit cancel that stops the entering of the child records(it looks like everytime I create a child record and hit enter the child saves, I have the autosave working). But then it takes me out to the Parent form and I have do do a save there to have all the records written out.
Is there anyway to have each child save really write out to the sheet. If the enter 100 child records and don’t do the Save after the are all in there they are not written to the sheet.
this is what I see after entering them.


If you add–and save–the parent first, then add the children, the parent will be saved (first) and each child will be saved as added.

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