Adding Reference in Virtual Column


I have 2 tables - Orders and Jobs

Jobs have reference to the Orders.

Now I want to get the value from the " Production Status " Column from Jobs Table in a Virtual Column in a Orders . How do I do that ? I know I can add a column in my data source referring the Jobs and get the value using [Jobs].[Production Status] but I dont want to add an extra column in my database unnecessary . Is there another way out ?

In Detail, I am able to render the status using the inline views but I want in the main view ( ORDER LIST VIEW) and I also want to be able to filter the orders based on the production status.

Any help in this ? I can try and explain a bit more if it seems confusing and not clear enough .

Not clear what you need help with, since you reference virtual columns and that’s what you need to use, it seems.

Not clear to me what you’re trying to do here. You want each job status displayed in the orders list view?

See also:

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Sorry Steve … Couldnt Reply… Was just trying to figure out a better way to explain this… Still trying.

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