Adding rows to another table based on a condition

Hi, I have created an action to add rows into another table based on a condition (defined within Behaviour). For example,

I want to insert a row in a Week table if the startdate and endate values in a ResourceAllocation table is in the current week. I am using the following condition in the behaviour -

AND(WEEKNUM(TODAY()) >= WEEKNUM([Allocation Start w/c]), WEEKNUM(TODAY()) <= WEEKNUM([Allocation End w/c]))

Allocation Start w/c and Allocation End w/c are columns in ResourceAllocation table. Do i need to explicitly trigger this action or is it expected to be triggered based on the values in the table (existing, added or edited)?


You need to explicitly trigger the action either as a form save action or a data change workflow driven action.


Thanks Jayaram, I added a change data workflow and it worked.