Adding table -- data sources invisible

Brand new user, trying AppSheet out. Free trial account.

I copied a sample app to get started. I want to access a Google Sheet as a new table.

If I go to the little link “Free” next to my account I get a view that shows me the Google Sheet from which I originally linked to AppSheet. That is associated, apparently, with a prefabricated app. If I click that app it contains my spreadsheet as a table.


  1. I can’t see that prefab app or my copied sample app if I click on MyApps – I get no response to that

  2. If I use the pane that came up under the link “Free” to access my copied app and try to add a new table I get this

Any ideas on how to hook the Google Sheet into the copied sample? Many thanks.

How did you do this?

What do you mean by, “I get no response to that”?

Seems like everything is dead this morning for several of us @Steve. I think they mean they are unable to access anything from the main page after having logged in. Can’t get to ‘My Apps’ ‘My Account’ or anything. Could you please escalate?

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