Adding the correct row to another table

I have the “add a new row to another table using values from this row” Action inserted in a deck view of names with basic information of applicants and this is pulling from “Table 1”. The action is a star in the bottom right corner of every deck/applicant in the view and the idea is for the information associated with THAT applicant to make it over to a new table called “Watchlist” once their star is tapped. The current problem is that no matter which star is tapped, the top row of “Table 1” is mapped over to “Watchlist”.

For more detail, the idea is that if the applicant in the 6th row of “Table 1” is impressive, then click their star and THEIR information will populate into a “Watchlist”. However, no matter which star is clicked, the only info that populates “Watchlist” is the 1st row of “Table 1”.

How do I fix this?

Thanks! This community has been super helpful!

By chance does your action do:

“Column in other table” = [key]


“Column in other table” = [_THISROW]

I think in your case maybe it is [key] vs _THISROW which I believe results in that behavior. Just guessing at the moment.

Please post a screenshot of the action’s configuration.

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Hey Markus thanks! I dont see where I would add that rule though. Please enlighten me

I’m not seeing anything obvious right of hand. I thought maybe you were working with references somehow. But I think I was thinking of something slightly different.

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I also don’t see anything obviously wrong with your action configuration, but what you’ve shared isn’t all of it. Please post a screenshot of the remaining columns the action sets in the new row. Also, if the action has an Only if this condition is true expression, please post a screenshot of the complete expression.

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Here is the rest of the columns. Thanks for your help!

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Also, here is the data that the Action is supposed to be pulling from. The Action is supposed to pull from Player Stats and to Watchlist.
Thanks again!

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Thank you for those. Could you also post the entirety of the action configuration?

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Here is the Action in its entirety!

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This only allows the add if there are no entries in the watchlist currently:


Try removing that condition.

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Thanks for that! However, I just removed that condition and its still only pulling the first row of the table no matter which Action button I click.

Hey Steve. Still struggling. Any other thoughts?

I’m afraid not. I’m going to have to refer you to Someone there can dive into your app config to troubleshoot.

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