Adding transactions to parent table


I am making an app which will help manage a business. For some context, there are several sales officers and you assign several different kinds of products (both tangible and intangible) to them. I have more than five tables where you can add these transactions. My aim is to ultimately add all these transactions in a parent table which has five columns which will be:

  1. Transaction ID
  2. Date
  3. Account Title
  4. Credit/Debit
  5. Amount

Having such a table in excel would let me create a pivot table which would give me easy access to the inventory/balance of each bank/sales officer account. The issue is that each transaction in one of the five tables would create at least one debit transaction and one credit transaction (from one account to another). Therefore, I would have to add more than two rows to the parent table with one addition to any of the five tables. Moreover, if any transaction is edited or deleted, that change would need to be reflected in the parent table.

If I was doing this with excel and VBA then it would be quite easy for me but I am new to this approach so I would appreciate any help of suggestion. If anybody could even point me in the right direction, that would be great.


Not 100% sure, but a grouped action containing different actions of type " DATA: add a new row to another table using values from this row" might work?

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I have thought about this in detail and my concern is that would this approach handle editing and deletion of transactions from any of the five tables? For instance, I add a transaction in Table A and the grouped action figures out the specific debit and credit account details and adds them to the parent table. Would the debit and credit detail rows change when I make changes to the transaction in Table A?

Yes, you can. Each of the actions (in the group), can more or less do exactly what you want. (delete a row, add a row, change values, etc.) On both the table you are in, child records, or other records.
But you need a trigger. E.g a type of data change. But adding a row of a certain type would be a good trigger.

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I will look into this approach with more detail. This looks promising. Thanks for the help.