Adding Video

is their any way to add Video to forms. as Attached i men .
we need to record video form user .
i men the user can upload video file to app that we can preview it.

If you put your video on YouTube I think you should be able to show it in a form, though I haven’t tried it myself.

It is also possible to embed gifs that function as short videos. See the same thread for information about this.

Use a column of type File. This will allow the user to upload a file of any type (there’s no way to accept only video). There’s no way to allow an app user to view the uploaded video file from the app itself, though.

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The second video shows how to embed a YouTube video. If, for some reason, you want to avoid YouTube, working with mp4 from a normal server is much harder. I hope that AppSheet will eventually add native support for mp4 and mp3 files. There some discussion of that on the page I posted above.