Addition of Columns in Google Sheets


I have a columns startinf from A to X in google Sheets and have an app which maps that google sheet. Now I have added another column after ‘Column C’ but when I am trying to add a row using AppSheet, that Column is shown in the end and not after ‘Column B’. Can anyone help??

Also, I have added a Column Formulae in AppSheet, how can I update my entire sheet with that formulae?

First question:

So you have columns let’s say A B D E F… And you want to add a new column C, and want to make the table like: A B C D E F ?
One way is to modify the spreadsheet, right click column B and then “insert 1 right”, name the column, for example “C”. In Appsheet, go to data and go to Columns tab, click regenerate structure. Appsheet will pick up the new column C in your app.

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