Additional action type "App: go back to previous view"

This sequence of navigation between views:
Participant Info (detail view) → Application Processing (detail view) → Participant Info (detail view) → Onboard Processing (detail view) → Participant Info (detail view)

This is achieved by:
having a sequence of actions for one of the fields in the Application Processing and Onboard Processing views. The last action in this sequence is of type “App: go to another view in this app”. I have it working by using a target that looks like this “CONCATENATE( “#view=Accessible%20Participant%20Info_Detail&row=”, ENCODEURL([Participant ID]) )”

However, when I click the back arrow in the app’s title bar I go back along the sequence of views I navigated (ie. the header bar “remembers” this sequence of navigations as it should).

The feature I would like to have is that there be an additional action type “App: go back to a specific view” which would edit out all the intermediate breadcrumbs. Even a simple toggle associated with a “go to view” action could do something to reduce the intermediate breadcrumbs.