Additional Button on Form

I’m just wondering if it’s possible to add an additional button at the bottom of a form, such as “Send”, in addition to Cancel and Save?

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I believe you may not be able to add an additional button alongwith "Save"and “Cancel” in form view.

If you describe the intended behavior , then community could possibly suggest a workaround solution.

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Not possible. You can, however, change the text of the existing buttons (but not the function).

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Thanks for your response @Suvrutt_Gurjar. I would just like to have two options - one to save an incomplete form and the other to send an email with the response fields when a form is complete.

Thank you Steve. That clarifies it.

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Thank you. If you go to Behavior -->.Workflows , you could send an email when a record is updated or added. You could suitably use that option to send an email on form save.

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Yes - I have done something like this with a button in the deck view of completed responses.

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Thank you. You could continue to save the form even when incomplete with non required fields in the form.

When the form is completely filled as per your requirement , you could have a field that signifies the completion of the form and changes status when the form is complete. You could utilize the status change of that field to fire a worklow. You could use "Condition"option in Workflow settings to track that status change and fire the workflow on record update.

Yes - that’s pretty close, except I’d need confirmation from the user that they consider the form to be complete (after they have potentially gone back and edited some of the entries). So a button to initiate the email is what I’m after. As I said, I’ve put one in the deck view of completed responses, but it would just be nice to have one on the main form view.

Sorry - I get what you’re saying - a form entry that acts like the button I described.

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Correct. If fields 1, 2,3 , 4 all need to be filled in to consider form as complete, a “Form Complete” status change field with an expression something like

AND(ISNOTBLANK([Field 1]), ISNOTBLANK([Field 2]), ISNOTBLANK([Field 3]), ISNOTBLANK([Field 4]))

could be used with default status as FALSE to fire a form save workflow one time after first complete form save.