Additional Tables from excel workbook

Hello good evening.I have been trying to build an app from an excel workbook with numerous spread sheets. Appsheet however only loads the first sheet and with the title of the workbook. When i try to load the other worksheets using the 'New table", and select get data from google, it sends me to the workbook but does not allow me to select and add more sheets. The feedback i get is “sorry we were not able to connect to that source” Please how do i solve this?

Hi Nana! Welcome to the AppSheet Community!!

The Excel workbook you are trying to connect to, is it owned by you? Or just shared to you?

Can you use Google sheets at all?

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Yes the sheet is owned by me. Yes I can use Google sheets.

What I meant is if you could use a Google sheet instead of the Excel sheet? I wasn’t very clear in that.

The rationale is that Excel in AppSheet is still very “young” and there are some known issues/kinks they are still working out. Don’t get me wrong. Many people are using Excel successfully. But if you have the option, I would go with a Google sheet as they integrate much more smoothly.

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I understand my comments above may not be helping you.

I have tried creating a test app from an Excel sheet I had just “laying around”. I am getting the same error message as you - “sorry we were not able to connect to that source”.

I’m checking to see if I can get around it.

In the meantime, I don’t think this should be happening and I would recommend that you contact

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Noted. Thank you very much. I will contact them. Thanks.

So I have not found a way around the error unless the Excel workbook is saved as a Google sheet.

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Thanks. I have done that and it worked. I have been ableto add the tables from Google sheet. Thank you.


I was able to do that if sheet is connected with ‘one drive’ instead of ‘google drive’.

Hi Nana,

I have confirmed that you have uncovered a bug that was just introduced recently.

It should definitely be possible to store an Excel workbook on Google drive that contains two or more worksheets. You should then be able to add these worksheets as AppSheet tables.


We have fixed the problem.
If testing goes well, the change will be released on Tuesday afternoon April 14, 2020.