Addnew data from action button

hy guys, i want to add new data from button like this

and new data auto from set colomns, but why my button not dispaly in here??
my button display when i click one data

can you help me for this problem? thanks

Hello @Mas_Syahdan_Filsafan

i think you just have to click on Display Overlay as you can see here

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not display

Have you planned any behavior conditions for that specific action ?

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like this?

In fact the idea is to know if there is a condition instruction which manages the action in registered in this Behavior part?

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like this?

A row level action will not be displayed overlay. A table level action such as add, download, go to another will be displayed overlay.

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but i set add to new another table, like this
and not display in overlay?

You can consider a row level action is when an action requires values of the row, see the red box.

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then, can you provide a solution to this problem and create a check in check out app in the appsheet?

You can try with LINKTOFORM() but make sure that there value taken is something like USEREMAIL(), NOW() or UTCNOW() which don’t need to go inside row level.

I have a sample app for Clock-in Out. It is in Bahasa. Please check it here, which using a different approach, please copy the app if you want to try it.

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but in your sample not realtime time, i find time in realtime data

I don’t understand what do you mean by time in realtime data?

when user add new data
time is auto following date and time in defice user
like this

this not realtime time now

Ah, okay. You might need to change the expression to UTCNOW()+“xxx:00:00”. I just simply use NOW() for the sample app considering there are users in different timezone and be happy with it.

You might want to take a look to several posts about time, UTCNOW, etc. And one of the sample is available in below discussion:

Device Independent TimeCapture - Tips & Tricks :bulb: - AppSheet Creator Community

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Hi @Heru and @Mas_Syahdan_Filsafan

I had created that sample app, even though it achieved the purpose, I realized that that the below approach described by @Steve is best for capturing server time.

Any time capture system though has its own challenges. To capture server time, the device will need to be online. The below post thread captures various shades , challenges and possible mitigation approaches of time capture.


i use timenow ()

time in appsheet not following in my defice

can you show me your sample application?

Hi ,

I have removed it from my list of sample apps. I will share the app with you if I find it in my app list.

However, it was a convoluted back-end Google sheet time-based approach. I strongly recommend using @Steve 's suggestion.

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