Address column type in map view returns incorrect locations

There was a thread a while back on the address function not always returning the correct location on the map view…Not sure if there was ever a solution put in place, or if I am doing something wrong.

All of these addresses in the image should be in Sacramento, CA, but some have ended up on the east coast, etc., though they have similar structure and the same amount of detail (street, zip code, city.)

Any ideas?

Your Address type column should hold the full address. I.e. “213 Country Place , Sacramento, CA, 95831”, not just “213 Country Place”. You can include an additional Address type column to concatenate the split up values that you already have, if you wish to keep those.


@Marc_Dillon Ah, that makes sense. So even if I have all those columns (street, city, zip code) as individual Address type columns, it won’t work because it needs to be all in one column…

Thank you for clearing that up!

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