Address error

Hi guys!

I am experiencing an error that is driving me insane… every time I am inserting an address appsheet is referring this address to Brasil when I am in Portugal…

here is how I have my set up:

I have a Column for Country “Pais”, Municipality “Localidade”, Neighbourhood “Bairro”, Street “Rua”
On Country I have the field as Address as well as hidden, and an initial value “Portugal” as I only operate in Portugal. I included this column in order to tell appsheet that I am in Portugal not Brazil…
On Municipality I have the field as Address with a Valid If Localidades[Localidade] looking to a table Localidades which has list of all Municipalities and Neighbourhoods of the area that I operate. The same thing to Neighbourhoods field but as Localidades[Bairro]
On Street I have the field as Address, and when I type the street that I live in, appsheet completes the rest of the fiel pointing me to Brazil… it seems that theres also a street with the same name in Brazil…

Can someone please help me how to fix this?


This might help.

If you are constructing an address from a combination of Street, City, State, Country, and Zip fields then Appsheet can do this automatically. See topic “Automatically Computed Address Field” in this article

Appsheet will automatically recognize that the combined fields form a single address. It will also automatically add a Lat/Long virtual column that contains the GPS coordinates computed from the address.

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Thanx a lo Phill!!!

By the way, we currently only look for the column header values “Street”, “City”, “State”, “Country”, and “Zip” etc in English.

I hope at some point to recognize the corresponding header values in other languages such as Spanish, French, German, Japanese, etc. For now though, we only recognize the English words for these things.

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