Address not found when suite or apt number added

When I click on the little icon next to the address field and it opens up google maps everything works great up until I have an address where somebody puts apt 205 or basement. Whats the best way of fixing this? Can I make it so that when the user hits the map icon it maps to the same address minus the apt/suite. Btw I do have each separated by address, suite/apt, city, state, zip so I can create virtual column with it minus the apt/suite. I just need to know how to make it so that when you click on that icon it goes for the virtual column that I created with the computed address that does not have the apt/suite.


The icon to display the map occurs because the columns is of type Address. You can avoid the map icon one of two ways:

  1. Use a column of type LongText rather than Address to store the address with the suite/apt/whatever in it, and use a column of type Address for whatever address you want map-able.

  2. Use a column of type Address, but disable the map icon:


@Steve Thanks. This worked perfect.

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