Address type fields to localize the address value displayed as option

Address type is useful and give the list of options for address value as we keep typing in the value into the field. (Assuming Google Map API coud be running in the backend…)
It is clever enough, but it is also troublesome as it is always converted the address to English all the time. For instance, I type address in Japanese, then tooptips with address value pops up below the fields, it is picking up the right address value, but it is in English terms all the time. User should expect the option should pop up in the language they are typing in. If we type in Spanish, then address value in Spanish, likewise French etc.

This makes great feature in Address type fields less useful in the practical place and in the app. AT the end, I need to avoid the user of address type then make it text field. Then create the virtual column with Address value to get the pin action icon to bring the user to the location on the map.

To avoid this unnecessary arrangement, I wish to make the address type fields to show option in the language the user type into the field.

Thank you for your suggestion Koichi. @macastan FYI, good addition to your document.

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