Adds/Deletes in Table A & B that are linked by Bridge Table C

Consider the following setup:
Table A, Table B, and Table C that has columns of “Table A ID” and “Table B ID”. Both Tables A & B have virtual columns that point to their respective ID columns in Table C via a REF_ROWS formula. In Table C the “Table B ID” column is marked as “is part of”, this will make sure that if I delete a record in Table B that has an entry(ies) in Table C, all entries in Table C would also get deleted.

Lets say I want to add a record in table B from a detail view of table A, my options are to select “ADD” under the Inline view which will first navigate to the inline form with Table A ID is already selected, and under Table B ID I can select an existing record in Table B or I can choose “New” which will then navigate to Table B form. If I choose save then it will navigate back to Table C form where I need to choose save again before my Table A record will display this new related entry in Table B.
The other option is to introduce an action under table A to “go to another view” via a formula of "LINKTOFORM(“Table B_Form”). Then in this view because of the “is part of” I can add selections in Table C automatically assigning the Table B ID in this case and I can select my Table A ID based on existing records in Table A and hit save for as many relation entries as I would like to add. When I hit save, I will go back to my detail view in Table A.

Now to the question… Is it possible to create an action under Table A that would navigate to the Table B form with the Table C entry already set to the new record in Table B ID and the record from Table A as the Table A ID?

I also noticed a problem with deleting records. If I delete a record in Table B that has a reference entry in Table C, then it will delete the record in Table B and in Table C, which is what I want so therefore this part works ok. However, lets say I am in a record for Table A and choose a record in Table C from the inline view and from there I delete the Table C entry. Under this circumstance the record in Table B remains, even if that record in B has no remaining references in Table C. How can I create an action/workflow that if I delete the Table C record and the Table B record has no references remaining that it would delete the Table B entry also?

  1. If I got it right, if you delete A or B the. C will be deleted as is part of A and B.
    If you delete C, A and B won’t be deleted as those records are “on their own”.

  2. To get a field filled with a value from “a third” table I am thinking at a LOOKUP inside a LINKTOFORM.

LINKTOFORM(“B_Form”,”field”,LOOKUP(find-value,”Table C”,in-column,return-column))

Not sure if it works though and can’t test ot at the moment…