Adjust Spacing Between Rows in Forms

Would like to be able to adjust the white space between rows in the form. It seems to be a waste of ‘real estate’ to have the space so wide. Thanks.

Wow! I was just about to post about this when the interface told me about your post (my wording was similar so the algorithm caught it).

Here are some images to illustrate:

Note: AppSheet doesn’t have an outlining function. These are individual lines with no headers. I’ve added spaces to accomplish the spacing. If anyone is interested, I can explain how.

As you can see, the app image in the editor can’t display everything. I wanted to get more text in the same real estate, if possible, so I tried making the letters smaller:

I’ve scrolled up a bit on the screen so the bottom line looks a little higher but, in fact, the spacing is exactly the same. Even if we aren’t allowed to control spacing exactly, I would think that proportionate vertical spacing could be either default or an option.

By the way, the placement of inline actions is slightly below the line – not exactly level with it. This is different from the placement of automatically generate ref links, if my memory serves me correctly. I’ve mentioned this before but I don’t think the issue was ever even discussed. It is less obvious when text is large but, as you can see, it becomes much more apparent when the text is made smaller.

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By the way, in the sense that both have to do with the conservation of vertical space, this feature request is related:

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