Adjustable Dashboard "App sync" behaviour now delays Dashboard UX refresh of line charts


Is there a way to sync all the data for line charts contained in a Dashboard UX, even those that aren’t yet displayed because “Show if” is purposely hiding them? … or, sync without blocking Dashboard UX rendering?


I have a Dashboard UX (now an Adjustable Dashboard) where the “App sync” behaviour changed after the new AppSheet feature rolled out. I use “Display > Show if” behaviour to switch between two sets of line chart UX depending on a setting in another, control table. Swapping between charts post-Adjustable-Dashboard-rollout appears to trigger a synchronous “App sync” (seen in the Performance Profile) each time a line chart is swapped into view.

This makes the Dashboard UX go blank for >5 seconds while it awaits the completion of the App sync. Before Adjustable Dashboards, it swapped seamlessly (< 1 sec) and although it might have been performing an “App sync”, it was done (seemingly) asynchronously and did not block the rendering of the line charts in the Dashboard.

Any tips on how to get back the prior, snappier UX behaviour will be greatly appreciated, thanks!

@morgan Thoughts about this?