Advance Form (page only) automatically

Hi everyone hope you’re well during this crazy time. Thankfully we can still work on Appsheet right? : )

Anyway there’s a feature I was hoping to exploit, but I’m not sure it’s possible. I’m aware of the ‘Advance Forms Automatically’ option, however I’m looking to only advance my forms after the last entry on each page is made. So in other words the option is turned off by default, but I was hoping it could function only for the last column in each page (so the user doesn’t have to click ‘NEXT’).

Does anyone have experience in trying this or getting it to work by any chance?


Hi @Dario

I believe you may wish to further elaborate what you mean by the above , especially the part, "The option is turned of by default "

Yes, what I mean is the UX->Option ‘Advance forms automatically’ is turned off by default. So I’d like to make an exception where it only advances at the end of the page and not after each column.

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I don’t believe hat you want is possible using a single form with multiple pages. You could, however, use a separate form for each page, enable Auto save on each, and add an on-save action to each that navigates to the next form.


Thats a clever workaround Steve, thanks!


@Steve ,

Indeed, a brilliant solution!

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