Advance Forms Automatically

I have a form with a nested form for child records. Let’s say I have Parent Form 1 with 10 Child records. Currently, I can click on Child Record 1, complete the form, and then it comes back to Parent Form 1, however, I’d like to be able to click on Child Form 1, update the row for that record and then have it automatically advance to Child Record 2 then 3 e.t.c. and once responded to all 10 Child Records it comes back to Parent Form 1. Is there any way of doing that?

This is by far the most confusing and, seemingly, underdeveloped view on the platform. If I click on a nested record in the form it brings up a reference of a detail view which can’t be in the card layout, nor can it include the quick edit columns, both of which are included in the detail view. If it triggers the nested form, each save brings me back to the original parent form. WHy??? Who is this made for?

There’s this option here:

Not exactly what you want, as you’d have to open the 11th form, then cancel out of it.

I try to not allow my app users to open forms within forms. It gets messy/confusing and there’s too much danger of them cancelling out too far and losing ALL of their input that doesn’t get saved. I think you’re also seeing some weird thing by clicking on existing inline child records from the parent’s form view.

Instead, force the user to create the parent record first, then go into its detail view, from which they’ll add child records one at a time. If you always have the same amount of child records, you can even have them auto-generated upon the saving of the parent record.

Also take note of the “Finish view” option in a Form View (can select a specific view), as well as Form Saved Behavior (can specify an action to run upon saving a form, such as opening a new child form if less than 10 already exist for the same parent).


Thanks Marc,

I really appreciate you taking the time to write this all out. That said, I’ve been through all of these options and none of them result in an intuitive UX . I have employees asking different kinds of questions to clients and I’d like all of these questions to exist within the same view ‘Requests’.

Appsheet’s Help documentation notes that the Form view is one of the most popular view types , which makes me wonder why the form view provides such little flexibility for asking questions to users. Surely I’m not the only one who needs to ask a more complicated question than ‘Are you a new student?’ -> Y/N. It would make more sense to take the existing views and have a switch to make them ‘Statements’ or ‘Questions’, that way all of the existing views could be utilized as Forms.

Sincerely, Karen