Advice - best way to design app for hotel and business status reporting

We want to create an app for local businesses and hotels to report their status after a disaster.

I initially started with just one table that had business contact info and status info, with status col being a dependent drop down depending on industry type.

Then I thought it may be better to just have business contact info in one table and the status updates in another in case businesses update more than once. Dependent dropdown didn’t work when I did this.

I am not sure how we would have a business “log in” to update just their records, so it is better just to have all the information in one table and sort the table view with most recent report at the top in case a business reports more than once?

Would like to know if anyone has already done something like this and what works best.


Hey @tcanelli

I wouldn’t take my word as absolute gospel but here’s my thoughts.

Re: Dependent dropdown.

I would look into references

It allows you to reference a value from a different spreadsheet.

You could set up your Status worksheet so that the referenced Industry Type is the first column, and the status update is the following column.

Re: Users
You could give access to only certain users depending on their email (Appsheet uses third-party email for log-in authorization). But depending on how many users you’re planning to do this for, you may want to consider a different subscription plan. you can look that up on Appsheet website.