Advice Needed - Can I do this with AppSheet?

Hi Guys,

I’m at ground zero here, and am working a ton and don’t have the time to quite delve into this like I’d like, so I figured I’d lay out our user case, and just ask the community if you think this is doable using AppSheet?

Ok here goes…

We have a team of 10 that go out every single day M-F and put posters up or flyers out, at coffee shops, gyms, etc. around Chicago.

We have about 15,000 locations in our database that we have them do this at. Where they go changes as it depends on what our clients need. No one has a set route like many outside sales companies, their routes are different every day.

Here would be some use cases for our clients:

  1. “Hi, we’re the Shamrock Shuffle 5K and we want posters put up on your fitness route.”

  2. “Hello, we’d like posters put up around college campuses for Harry Styles’ upcoming show.”

From there, we take a staff member and assign the appropriate route to them, they complete the route and then we send a report to our clients.

You saw the two scenarios above we chose categories to flyer at, but we also might run into clients that want us to flyer based on neighborhood or business type, so we need to be able to tag and/or categorize for all of these.

Currently, we’re running off a custom build on our website from the late 90’s. Basically, it’s a database that allows us to categorize each location/business by type and neighborhood and then “tag” it with other keywords. This means accounts/locations may fall into multiple categories. Say a gym near the DePaul campus for example, is tagged “College,” “Fitness,” “Health,” and “DePaul.” and then is also in the neighborhood Lincoln Park and is categorized as a “GYM.” This database is then funneled into two channels: our staff schedules and our client reports.

Current User Scenarios:

  1. Dave (Staff) - you are assigned to the “Fitness Route” for the Shamrock Shuffle
  • Once we assign him, he can log into our website and see a list of locations / accounts that he will be visiting.
  • This also attaches all locations to a report
  • He uploads 50-100 photos to our desktop computer / server and we manually upload that to that same report.
  • He submits basic notes on his route on that report and we review and approve and push to the client
  • The client logs in and sees our basic summary, a list of accounts / locations visited, and all photos


  • Ability to import our locations database

  • Ability to categorize or, at minimum, tag locations within our database

  • Ability to quickly assign all locations by those tags or categories to our staff

  • Ability to create reports based off of these reports, including all locations, for our clients.

  • Ability to upload 50-200 photos and possibly a form submission per shift

  • Ability to also connect our database lists to our client reports


  • Mileage tracker that tracks their routes over a certain speed, like our current software, TripLog. The reason here is that they sometimes drive 10 miles and then walk 4.

  • Map routing of location

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Hi there,
Read your requirement just once, but I would say it is possible in every respect with Appsheet, but App become the relatively complex one, meaning you need pretty much comprehensive knowledge and vast amount of tips to control and set up your own apps.
Before talking about the details, the primarily it is important where your current “database” reside. In SQL? Spreadsheet? or on premise or on the cloud?

Actually to build and develop such a complex App with Appsheet is my company s service we are providing to my customers for now.

Whatever case your data base currently lives, it should be a way to migrate those data onto the place where Appsheet can reach out.
Then create app at you want.

All in all, your requirement is pretty much doable and achievable. Moreover, all of your requirement against your apps are the area Appsheet is pretty much good at.
(I m Appsheet partner)


If you need dynamic mileage tracker, that’s something we don’t have at this moment. Other thing… if you need to add 200 images into a PDF template, you need to take care that images are less than 100kB because when you generate the PDF, we have a 20MB limit for the file size. Other than these two, Koichi explained already.


Thanks so much!

Is there any other ways to display a large number of photos to clients via a report using appsheet? Perhaps a PDF is just not the way to go.

In that case, I generate file out of workflow in HTML format. Then user open up in browser. One of my user did with 800 images for one file, but the number of image files is not a matter as HTML file is just a text file

If your user really need PDF , then open up HTML attachment and print from screen to PDF.
Then eventually you will have PDF with images.

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Ah, interesting.

So with HTML, would this then generate a new webpage for every report?


All the webpage you are seeing in browser is HTML files, but they are stored in server somewhere. But in the topics you save the HTML on email to local, then open it up with your browser.