Advice on Wordpress - Zapier - Appsheet integ...

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Advice on Wordpress - Zapier - Appsheet integration

I have setup a Zap for when a User Registers in Wordpress that it then uses Zapier to pickup that Action and then Trigger an Add into Appsheet by using the native “Add User” Wordpress action in Zapier.

Challenge with this is that we capture more detail during User Registration on Wordpress and the standard Zapier “Add User” Actions wont map to my Appsheet Table Columns in the Zapier Template.

So my thinking is that I need to use Webhooks in Zapier??

I need guidance how to use Wordpress integrated with Zapier to use a Webhook which then in turn POST to Appsheet.

What is the suggested Actions & Triggers in Zapier

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh or @Daisy_Ramirez - any guidance as you seem to be the Zapier expert at Appsheet

(Henry Scott) #2

Help please! Need some guidance here. What would the sequence be in Zapier? 1. Trigger “Any Webook - Wordpress” utilising the HookPress Plugin on Wordpress 2. Action “Zapier Webhook Post” to catch the JSON from Wordpress 3. But then how do I get that JSON into Appsheet??

Or is Step 2 not necessary and one can just link in the Webhook to the Appsheet Add Record Template?