After choosing elements how other dependant questions will come up?

When I visited agricultural producers, they say ‘‘I have 200 tonnes wheat, 400 tonnes barley but half of them in field not cropped.’’ So after choosing products that he has, 3 questions should come up for every products and they should be dependant in source of program. How can I do that?
(The photo I shared, I have done manually for explain my problem.)

Photo (3 questions come up for every products)

So rather than trying to do all this in one form I’d suggest you use a subtable with the following columns

[In field]
[In Warehouse]
[This years crop]

That way you can not only record each crop seperately. But also you can record these inspections multiple times. Which may give you some useful data

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Yes, that makes more sense. I’m really new at this area, thanks for helping

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