After iPhone sync, red line remains

Here’s a report I’ve already sent to I’ve gotten a positive response, indicating that they will look into it, which I appreciate. I’m posting here because the issue occurs rather infrequently so I’d thought I’d ask if other people have noticed it too. And, if you have noticed it, if you could share something about the circumstances in which it occurs, that might help with the debugging process. Thanks!

What follows is the explanation I sent to AppSheet:

If I pull the screen down to initiate a sync, the red line sometimes fails to disappear at the end. In such cases, even a manual sync will not remove it. If I close the AppSheet app and then reopen it, all is well.

This is a fairly rare issue. It is difficult for me to replicate it, though it has come up occasionally. It seems to be most likely to happen when I have lots of data to sync and continue to use the app while syncing occurs in the background. Internet connection speed may also be a factor.

I first experienced it on an iPhone 6, but recently I experienced it on an iPhone XS.

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I don’t pull down to refresh very often, and I can’t say I’ve ever noticed the red line. I’m using Android.


Thanks for the response. I use Android occasionally, but not often. I’ve never noticed it on Android either.


I do use pull to refresh quite often, the frastration is we are not able to pull card view type, dashboard neither…


I’m corresponding with support about this. Since I didn’t get a “me too” response to this post I told them that it may be quite an unusually phenomenon. If, however, any of you who happen to see this have experienced the issue, please chime in. :slight_smile: