After my apps went down this morning - i am now seeing an issue with behavior rules

I am using a behavior “only if this condition is true” expression. This was working as of this morning, but stopped after the apps went down. I use this to ONLY show an action button based on useremail:

If i take this out - i can see the action button. But if i leave it in - the button disappears.?

Put quotes around the email address.

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Still didnt work:

Can you try making it a different email and then previewing as that email?
I have had issues with the preview being a bit “sticky” sometimes.


good idea… let me try that.

that worked? So my email doesnt work? I tried using another employees email - and it shows perfectly. Only with mine - it doesnt?

well. Now it is working. I switched back to my email - and BAM. Working. Thanks!

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