Age of open ticket

Hi AppSheet Gurus,

I have an app that tracks repair on radios. So when they are received into the system (date) they start aging so that I can see how old a ticket is, and this works great.

(HOUR(Today()-[Date Received]))/24

The issue is that after I change the ticket to closed (repair is done) the aging does not stop, it keeps on aging.

How can I make it that when the status changes to complete TRUe that the aging on that repair stops and shows how long the repair took.

Thank you for any help.

I believe you may need to add another column of ChangeTimestamp type called say [Repair Complete]

Please assign the change column and change value to this column setting as your status column name and status “complete” name. Sya your status name column is 'Repair Status" and repair complete status is “Repair Done”. Then the new ChangeTimestamp column [Repair Complete] should have change column name as "Repair Status"and change value as “Repair Done” (Please fill in without quotes)

Then the aging column can have an expression something like below

IF([Repair Status]<>“Repair Done” , HOUR(TODAY() - [Date Received])/24, HOUR(DATE([Repair Complete]) - [Date Received])/24)

Edit: Alternatively, a more emphatic expression that positively checks for “Repair Done” status can be as follows
IF([Repair Status]= “Repair Done” , HOUR(DATE([Repair Complete]) - [Date Received])/24 ,HOUR(TODAY() - [Date Received])/24)


Thank you Suvrutt, I will experiment with your advice.